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    Sanhua takes “Flowers of Management, Technology and Talents” as cultural essences, insists on the management ideas of “people-oriented, enterprise development through science and technology” and carries out the spirits of “striving for perfection and pursuit of excellence” and the style of “rapid response and immediate action”; to pursue and innovate ceaselessly to realize the dream of Sanhua people with all strength – “Making Sanhua an everlasting enterprise for hundreds of years”.

    • Flower of Management

      Sanhua takes management informatization as platform on the basis of implementing system files and attaches importance to “making progress every day”. Sanhua has established a management pattern advancing with the times after learning widely from others’ strong points and ceaseless practices.

    • Flower of Technology

      Sanhua has been developed from cost-oriented to technology-oriented and from development of machinery parts to that of systemic and technical solutions to electronic control integration; and it makes use of independently-innovated products and technologies to create considerable values for clients and make contributions to energy-saving and carbon emission reduction of the world.

    • Flower of Talents

      If enterprise is a tree, talents are its roots; how flourishing the tree is depends on its roots. Based on strivers, Sanhua will tend to value creators and be open and inclusive to co-exist, prosper and develop together with employees.


    Strive for Perfection, Pursue Excellence

    A great progress will be made every year if a little progress is made every day. Sanhua makes improvement ceaselessly and dedicates to innovation so as to produce the best products and technologies in the industry and create excellent brand value.


    Rapid Response, Immediate Action

    Focusing on clients and taking market as orientation, Sanhua will respond to clients’ needs as quickly as possible and solve practical problems with strong executive power and try to make a little progress every day after fulfilling everyday duties.


    People-oriented: Sanhua devotes itself to the common development of employee and company, and that the company’s achievements benefit employees and the employees achieve self-worth during development of the company.

    Ceaseless innovation: Sanhua carries out technical innovation, management innovation, business model innovation and cultural innovation ceaselessly to keep taking the lead in industrial development.

    Satisfy employees: Sanhua provides employees with a high-efficient, harmonious and progressive working platform to promote their growth and encourage them to make greater contributions; and Sanhua rewards employees by value contributions to keep improving their degree of satisfaction and loyalty.

    Satisfy clients: Sanhua creates values for clients, provides clients with excellent products and services, meets their needs and expectations and keeps improving clients’ degree of satisfaction and reputation.

    Satisfy suppliers: Sanhua establishes objective, fair, cooperative and win-win relations with suppliers for common development and co-prosperity.

    Satisfy shareholders: Sanhua looks toward the future, manages carefully, operates regularly and develops steadily to provide shareholders with high-value returns of investment for a long term.

    Satisfy society: Sanhua commits to energy saving and consumption,offering green products and protecting the environment; it undertakes social responsibilities, is enthusiastic about programs for public good, repays society and promotes harmonious development.